Most individuals believe that they can easily tow their own cars by just linking a hauling tow ball hitch to it. But this act is foolish and hazardous at the same time since it could extremely damage your car. Moreover, there are several reasons attesting that towing your own car is not a great idea, especially once it’s broken down. Below are some of the facts why you must not do it on your own and leave towing to the professionals instead:

Incorrect towing rating

If you don’t know the towing rating of a particular vehicle, there is a great chance that it could get damaged and overloaded once you attempt to utilize it for towing. The damages caused by improper towing rating ranges from a lot of problems, such as suspension damage, brake failure, and heat exhausted transmissions. Because of this, it is much reason to depend on a certified towing company to do all the needed towing services.

Inappropriate towbars

Towbar is the equipment needed for towing. Every one of them has a distinct rating. A lot of automobiles utilize a similar towbar, however, it is totally needed that you utilize a towbar that’s intended for your car. Amateurs may try utilizing the improper towbar type, which causes possible vehicle damage and safety problems.

Not following towing guidelines

Every state has different towing regulations and laws. Most of the States order that every towing vehicle must utilize safety taillights and chains. Others mandate the usage of special rearview options and side mirrors. Moreover, there is a mandated maximum weight for towing particular automobiles. Attempted towing by amateurs usually, break these rules because they are unaware of these regulations. This could further risk vehicle damage, legal problems, and possible safety problems for you and the drivers near you.

Wrong levels of tongue weight

The tongue weight can impact the vehicle’s steering. Once there’s excessive tongue weight, you will be having problems while you steer your vehicle. It is a crucial balancing, making it more difficult for amateurs to master. This is why, if you’re an amateur, it would be best to not try towing a car on your own.

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